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Some Programs I wrote in my spare time:


Embedded Linux from scratch: scripts and patches to build the C/C++ cross-compiler, the Linux kernel, BusyBox, common libraries (ssl, ssh, mtd, etc.) and finally a complete root file system. Support for the next development boards: Freescale LITE5200 (PowerPC MPC5200), Cirrus Logic EDB9315A (ARM9-based SOC), Advantech PCM3350 (Geode GX1), TI DaVinci EVM, Evalue EEV-EX01.


Several complete examples (in C) that demonstrate the use of the FFMPEG library.
[Eclipse 3.3.0 based C project]


MESSIP implements Message Passing over TCP/IP, using BSD socket interface programming.
[Eclipse 3.3.0 based C project]


MIHL is a C library that helps to implement an HTTP embedded server. It is designed to be small and to provide only a minimal set of functionalities. Typically, MIHL can be used in an embedded device where a Web-based interface is useful (configuration, status, etc.). MIHL C library can be compiled for both Linux (x86, PowerPC, ARM) and Windows XP. MIHDL does not use threads, but rather use non blocking sockets I/O.
[Eclipse 3.3.0 based C project]


Evts is an Event Signaling Driver+Library for Linux. It provides a simple and efficient way to signal Processes and Threads. It is designed to replace Unix signals when they are used in this context (application level notification).


Old Stuff
Programs running under Dos, Windows 3.1, Qnx or Linux
[Development frozen]


Forth-like Interactive Cross-Compiler for the MSP430, x86 (PC, Linux):
- target support of the FET board (430F1121), using JTAG
- also target support for x86 code (Linux hosted)
- Forth-like (Indirect Threaded Code)
- Interactive High-Level Forth compiler (host running Linux)
- Integrated complete MSP430 Assembler


Linux + GTK 2: Conway’s Life
[Eclipse 3.3.0 based C project]


Linux + GTK 2: Game of Othello/Reversi.
[Eclipse 3.3.0 based C project]

GTK Lo Gafet


This is an Open Application Builder for the GTK.
GLG generates source code (C only at this time). Not all widgets are currently supported (specially not all the GNOME widgets).


A Forth compiler/interpreter. 100% written in assembler 386 (tasm). Comes with a built-in editor/browser, definitions browser, on-line help, manual (120 pages), many examples, etc. It was a pretty complete development environment for developing DOS programs!


This is a Forth-like language. Kernel is written in C, and all others definitions are written in Forth. The goal was to provide a Forth system running any Unix operating-system (FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, QNX). Froth is used as an host environment to create interactive Forth cross-compilers for the target which is a TMS320C50